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What's a CV?

About Me

I don't believe in "Professional Summaries", "Resumes", "Cover Pages", I never liked reading them. So let's cut the small talk and get down to the facts.

1993. Born and raised in Long Beach New York

2002. Heavily invested in Coca-Cola and video games from age 9

2007. Became involved in multi-national online software-based organization at 14

2008. Eventually ran that organization at age 15 

2008. Managed a team of programmers from China, Italy, Romania, Hungary, The United States collectively working for free on a Not-For-Profit product

2009. Organization hits $20k revenue, 30,000 concurrent/active users

2011. Graduated ahead of my class from Long Beach High School

2012. Attended Nassau Community College, majoring in Psychology and Computer Science

2014. Dropped out of Community College and went into business

2015. Local retail store hits $50,000 in revenue

2016. Averaging $70,000 revenue/month

2016. Opened Internet based Wholesale/Distribution company 

2018. Wholesale business does $10mn that year

2019. Online Distribution company plateaus at $15mn

2020. Left that company to become semi-retired at the ripe age of 27

2021 (April)Took the NYS Realtor Course/Example exited retirement at 28
2021 (July). Finally licensed, joined Diamond Living Inc (

2021 (October). Joined Realty Connect USA

2021 (December). Over $2.4mn of real estate sales generated

What I like to do

Real Estate  Business Strategy   Project Management   

 Web Design    Branding    Hiring 
Social Media (sometimes)    Event Coordination    Fundraising   Creative Designs 

What I've done


Licensed Realtor

I help people buy and sell homes! I also represent landlords looking for tenants in both commercial and residential properties. So far I've worked with over 100 customers, dozens of renters and have done over $2.4mn in sales.



Online Wholesale/Distribution company located in New York; Drop-shipped 75,000 unique products from over 2,500 companies. Worked with 4500 businesses in 82 countries.


Owner Vape Retail Store

Third retail vape store on Long Island. Converted 3.1k individual people from smoking combustible cigarettes to electronic cigarettes. 


President ArcEmu (NFP)

From fledgling society of roughly 2300 active members to an online presence of ~30,200. We spawned an online generation of programmers and created countless international friendships.


My hobbies include vicariously watching every YouTube tutorial on home development I can find, reading autobiographies of our nation's past leaders, spending time with grandma, walking my puppy (Alice), finding outdated and grueling workout routines from the legendary Vince Gironda. When I'm not doing the above I like to spend time with my loving girlfriend (soon to be wife), hanging with friends, finding new movies to watch (seemingly impossible during this pandemic) and working on new business. 

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